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When I was young, my mom bought me the Little Mermaid watercolor book because she loves painting and I soon fell in love with painting as well. I loved that book and I still remember how amazed it was, seeing the colors blending together. Since then when I saw any nice picture of my favorite animated tv series, I paused it and sketched them. With her art sense, she has always been a harsh critic and shared her opinion of my drawings.

Who doesn’t like beautiful things? I enjoy watching competition and reality TV series when I grew up. For example, Project Runway, Next In Fashion, American Next Top Model, Wedding Cake Championship, Face Off, Say Yes to the Dress, Kitchen Nightmares and so on. What attracted me the most are seeing how the work changes over time and the process of solving problems. Though the result is stunning, I’m more interested to watch how they make things happen.

Design VS Art

As an artist, I find joy in crafting handmade resin art and jewelry and teaching oil painting. I always respect my students’ thoughts, I encourage them to have their own ideas. When it comes to design, it's my responsibility to provide the best solution to the problem with sound reasoning. I am happy to show my clients the justification and listen to their feedback to make the solution even better.

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Another hobby of mine is reading psychology books, especially behavior psychology, as I always want to dig into the others’ minds by having some clues to know what exactly people are thinking behind the words. I think designers should have that attitude to understand what end-user really wants.

Nothing is more exciting than seeing people using my product or design!

With years of experience participating in a Marketing role at an advertising agency, I now want to be the person who solves problems. I feel happy and satisfied when I can build something to help others. I hope my creations can be brought into reality and add value to the lives of others.

5 TRUTHS and A LIE about me ;)

1. My 2 cats are called Butter and Cream.
2. I owned a pomeranian.
3. I love coffee and plants.
4. I love A7X and Symphony X.
5. I hate playing video games.
6. I am afraid of frog.

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